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This Place Scares Us - A Podcast


And Welcome to: This Place Scares Us

We are a podcast that talks about all of the things that scare us.  Come to us to hear all of the strange, disturbing reasons why literature, movies, serial killers, and strange events make your skin crawl and your spine tingle.  Also, enjoy the strange forays into the unknown: Who and Why is Lee Iacoca(?), Billy Eichner fan-girling, repeatedly saying "Blessed Be", and oh so much more!

Thanks for checking us out!


Katya and Laramie

(with support from Ryan and Davey)

Nov 20, 2018

Hello Dear Listeners,

The week of feasts is upon us and we hope you enjoy this episode as you travel to see family, hunker down in your bunker, or enjoy basking in the glow of your retail therapy.  If you need a good read for your holiday time, This Place Scares Us suggests reading The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson.

This week's episode is in fact about The Haunting of Hill House which has seen several screen adaptations both in movie form and now as a popular Netflix series.  Laramie shares his opinions about all of the iterations of The Haunting of Hill House and why sometimes never seeing a monster is scarier than anything.

Katya and Laramie debate why the origin of a monster is so important and discuss at length the horror community's view on whether to show the monsters or not.  What do you think listeners: is it scarier to see the monsters, or to never see the monsters?  With that we leave you to your Thanksgiving.


Katya and Laramie