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This Place Scares Us - A Podcast


And Welcome to: This Place Scares Us

We are a podcast that talks about all of the things that scare us.  Come to us to hear all of the strange, disturbing reasons why literature, movies, serial killers, and strange events make your skin crawl and your spine tingle.  Also, enjoy the strange forays into the unknown: Who and Why is Lee Iacoca(?), Billy Eichner fan-girling, repeatedly saying "Blessed Be", and oh so much more!

Thanks for checking us out!


Katya and Laramie

(with support from Ryan and Davey)

May 8, 2018

Clinkies Dear Listeners!!

Welcome to the house party episode of This Place Scares Us!  We don't know how your life has been, but spring time has been a bit too busy for all of us at TPSU.  So we decided to let our amazing hair down and have a house party!!

We brought our wonderful friends and family in to the This Place Scares Us Studio to hear their creepy stories.  Taylor (yes, the actually famous Taylor), Ryan (our amazing social media manager), Tori (of Silver Bullet Scares Us fame), and Amy and Aaron (our besties from Frame of Mind MT) join us to tell their scariest stories!

This episode was recorded during a house party so sound quality is a bit all over the place, and we were maybe a bit deep into our wine to keep things on a great track.  So, if this isn't your thing feel free to let us know. OR BETTER YET: write into us with your favorite creepy topic, ghost story, etc.

See you in two weeks for our episode on The Birds

We love you dear listeners,


Katya and Laramie